I am a PhD student at Oxford University supervised by Prof. Ingmar Posner at the Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI) and Prof. Andrea Vedaldi at the Visual Geometry Group (VGG). My research focuses on the acquisition of physical intution and its utilization in robot learning. In this TEDx talk, I give an overview of what motivates my research and how it could be applied to teach a robot playing Jenga.

Previously, I obtained a Diplom degree in Computer Science from Dresden University of Technology where I worked on grounding of natural language in images supervised by Prof. Carsten Rother. During my time as a visiting student researcher at the Stanford Vision Lab supervised by Prof. Fei-Fei Li, I was also involved in the VisualGenome project.

In my spare time, I enjoy long walks and hikes, listening to music and playing the piano. I am also very passionate about playing computer and tabletop games - a passion which, over time, has also grown into making them myself as a member of an indie developer team called PhoenixTales.